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The Comedy Factory is the first of its kind in Gujarat. Conceptualized by Manan Desai – Co-Founder & Programming Director, he has an experience of hosting prime time shows for over 7 years in different FM Radio Stations of Gujarat. Hungry for live entertainment in the state – he came up with the idea of The Comedy Factory.

We are in the business of manufacturing humour and churning out original content. Our performance area has been in Gujarat & beyond. We have also performed for private affairs & corporate shows all over India. We have pioneered Urban Standup Comedy Comedy in Gujarat. We have been at it for more than four years now, and this is just the beginning. One of our highlights apart from standup comedy is Improv Comedy! Improv Comedy consists of acts that are decided on the spot and improvised. We also perform Musical Comedy & Sketch Comedy.

We have a very popular YouTube channel which gives original Gujarati content along with Hindi & English sketches or videos from time to time. If you’re the generous kind who likes to provide entertainment to their loved ones or their employees, we can take your events to a whole new level of insanity. After a short stint in television and the Gujarati Cinema last year, The Comedy Factory is bound to expand its wings further. Nominated for FORBES TOP 100 CELEBRITY LIST , this diverse group of artists are prepared & passionate to set new avenues and benchmarks for talent in Gujarat.

Meet the Comedy Factory Team
Manan Desai
The Comedian Programmer

Manan Desai started The Comedy Factory back in August 2011 because his wife married him for his sense of humour and was sure that he would be unemployed and broke if he did anything else. Behind a successful man, there is a greedy vicious woman and that was his wife, who pushed him into the world of Comedy because she thought he had an extra funny bone.

He worked as a Radio Jockey for 7 long years in leading Radio Stations of Gujarat. But he always wondered why there was nothing to consume in Live entertainment in Gujarat, so he had an idea of producing live comedy shows as well.

He acts. He produces. He performs. Mostly for his wife.
As a performer, he loves to weave content that talks about the cultural nuances of India. He strongly believes that every aspect of our diverse culture has a lot of comedy to offer. He’s trying to do his best for people not to get bored in the dry state of Gujarat, with strong presence in the Comedy Scene and Digital Content.

The unconventionalist

Ojas Rawal is the energy powerhouse of The Comedy Factory.

An NRI, he mixes the two cultures beautifully in his stand-up acts.Ranting on stage, he smoothly brings many characters to life with his acts. Ojas is not just a Comedian, he is a professional Theatre actor and has also been a part of Urban Gujarati movies like “Chor Bani Thangaat Kare”, “Tari Maate Once More”, “Ventilator” and many more. His much-acclaimed Hindi play, “Sir Sir Sarla” is very well loved by the audience. His versality as an actor can also be seen on the numerous TV shows he’s been a part of, his latest show being “Ladies Special” which is aired on Sony channel. Talk about being a complete package!

High on chaas, he has more Gujju-ness than all the Gujaratis of the world combined. This is the guy who snorts Khushbu Gujarat Ki. Like literally!


Chirayu Mistry is a Comedian and a Writer by profession. He has been working with The Comedy Factory since 2015.

After completing Engineering, he started getting into comedy, and has never looked back since then. His deadpan style of humour and stoic expressions are what set him apart from the crowd. With his excellent comic timing and everyday content which anyone can relate to, he has done 260+ shows nationally and internationally. His national shows cover many cities of India and the international one's include multiple shows in Australia, USA, UAE, Canada and Africa.

He has written for brands like Sprite and has appeared on the big screen twice, with "Chor Bani Thangaat Kare" and "Gujjubhai Most Wanted."

He has also given a Josh Talk, which is up on YouTube.


Musician by heart, a Stand-up Comedian through his funny side up and an awfully blunt- chap, Aariz Saiyed is a one of the oldest members of The Comedy Factory.

Diving into the creative field quite young, he started learning music (guitar) at the age of 16. His band, Outro is still pretty active with multiple show formats for private gigs.

A total multi-tasker, Aariz is always on the go for things to explore. He writes, composes, plays, shoots and creates! ‘Never let your passion die’ is the motto he lives by! Apart from all these things, he currently also works as The Comedy Factory's YouTube channel head, directing and editing videos for the much-loved channel by Gujjus across the globe!


An Actor, Comedian and the Production Head, Deep Vaidya loves making juvenile jokes!

Deep holds a Masters Degree in Human Resources but his first love is the stage. Doing Theatre, he has mastered not only his on-stage performance but also everything which goes into making the show successful. He has also featured on the big screens with movies like “Chor Bani Thangaat Kare” and “Ventilator”.

Being the second number kid in the family, he is used to having second hand things- even his sister’s clothes. A non-believer of superstitions, he gets savage when it comes to such topics! He has also given a talk about making mistakes and learning from them, on TedX.

Om Bhatt

Om Bhatt started off with Theatre at a very young age, He landed doing regional films (won an award for that) and found himself in stand-up comedy. He has been an active performer since he was 14. Since he started off early, he has a lot of funny life experiences to share with his audience about his family, about him NOT being tall, dark or handsome, and about him being in various situations with people around him. He is the ultimate funny guy next door.

Co Founder

Vidya Desai is the backbone of The Comedy Factory. Being the Managing Director and one of the Founders, she ensures that the brand reaches out to the right niche. She's the reason why our team isn't broke. She's still contemplating whether to take up Comedy as a profession and not just business.


Preeti Das is a crazy Tamil Bengali combination, married to a Kutchi Gujarati. Besides being a stand-up comedian, she is a journalist, a mother and also the co-founder of Mahila Manch, an all-female firebrand stand-up collective that is pushing the envelope in Gujarat’s largest city with its takes on substantive issues. She fosters a dream of doing an item number in Tamil movies. This whirlwind of insanity deals with ethnicity, sex, politics and a few edgy things that we even blush to write about – in her stand-up acts.

Shefali Pandey

Disarming and genial, Shefali Pandey is a technology entrepreneur who runs her own digital agency by the name of Flora Fountain. She lived in New York and then Bombay, building some of your favorite media websites. But then she moved to Ahmedabad, and out of this tragedy came comedy. Apart from running her tech company and being a standup comic, she is also a travel writer and has written for National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveller and many more. A connoisseur of bad bollywood, bad horror and good comedy, she is also the co-founder of Mahila Manch.

Samvedna Suwalka

Samvedna Suwalka works as an Actor in films, TV and on stage. She is a versatile power-packed multi-tasker, who started dancing even before she could walk properly and started performing on stage by the tender age of 5. She started out with theatre. Her first play in Mumbai was Agatha Christie’s Mousetrap. She continues to do theatre and has worked with Salim Arif and Manoj Shah in plays like Manto, Nagarji ki Nagari, The Night of January 16, etc.

She got her first break in Gujarati films, Bey yaar being the most popular and successful among them. She has also acted in Happy family Pvt Ltd and Natsamrat. She has done a lot of award-winning short films and quite a few ads and independent Hindi films like Rebellious Flower, Union Leader, Phamous, etc. This adventure that she set out on, also took her to South Africa, where she did an English film called The Memoir. Her latest web series Heartbreak Hotel is on Sonyliv app.

She has also worked behind the camera as a Casting Associate for Hindi films like 'The Sky is Pink', 'Kalank' and the Web series 'Inside Edge 2'. She enjoys comedy and works with The Comedy Factory on stage and appears in the YouTube sketches regularly. She has also started dabbling in Improv Comedy.

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