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The Comedy Factory is the first of its kind in Gujarat. Conceptualized by Manan Desai – Co-Founder & Programming Director, who has an experience of hosting prime time shows for over 7 years in different FM Radio Stations of Gujarat. Hungry for live entertainment in Gujarat – he came up with the idea of The Comedy Factory.

We are in the business of manufacturing humour and churning out original content. Our performance area has been in Gujarat & beyond and we have been performing for private affairs & corporate shows all over India. We pioneered Urban Standup Comedy in Gujarat and we’ve been at it for more than 4 years now and we’re just getting started. One of our highlights apart from standup comedy is Improv Comedy! Improv Comedy consists of acts that are decided on the spot and improvised. We also perform Musical Comedy & Sketch Comedy.

Currently, we are a team of 7 members – Manan Desai, Vidya Desai, Ojas Rawal, Aariz Saiyed, Chirayu Mistry, Preeti Das & Deep Vaidya . These mad people ensure that The Comedy Factory dishes, out a perfect concoction of fun in three different languages. English, Hindi & Gujarati.

We have the most popular YouTube channel which gives original Gujarati content along with Hindi & English sketches or videos from time to time. If you’re the generous kind who likes to provide entertainment to their loved ones or their employees, we can take your events to a whole new level of insanity. After a short stint in television last year, The Comedy Factory is ready to take on the Gujarati Cinema this year & bound to expand their wings further. Nominated for FORBES TOP 100 CELEBRITY LIST, this diverse group of artists are prepared & passionate to set new avenues and benchmarks for talent in Gujarat.

Meet the Comedy Factory Team
Manan Desai
The Comedian Programmer

Manan Desai is one of the founders of The Comedy Factory. After seeing vacuum in live entertainment industry in Gujarat. Manan came up with the idea of introducing a different form of standup comedy in Gujarat. As programming head he has made sure to bring the world of Comedy to Gujarat. But as a comedian he has captured a lot of Gujarati hearts with a perfect mix of vernacular & modern Gujarati life style. Being married to a South Indian & becoming a father recently has added a lot of new perspective in his comedy along with a lot of pounds on his body.

The unconventionalist

The unconventional journey of Ojas Rawal in itself lends to comedy. He studied medicine but pursues films & tv. A professor of socioeconomics who steals flowering plants. An NRI who mixes the two cultures as beautifully as himself in drag. His humour brims with a satire on his perils of Gujju matrimonial sites, terrorizing cookery shows and stories of struggling student life. He also likes Improv Comedy, neon clothes, Waheeda Rehman, and pickled lemons.


Engineer + Deadpan + Killer Observations = Chirayu Mistry. This writer and stand up comedian is a home grown Barodian with a twist. Chirayu weaves a wonderful web of laughs wherever he goes and is known for his 'Vikrut' but clean comedy infused with observations on life, Bollywood and people in general. Chirayu is most comfortable performing in Gujarati and Hindi and has quickly risen to being one of the funniest acts of Gujarat in 2015.


Basically a musician, Aariz Saiyed plays a vital role in making The Comedy Factory's YouTube videos, known for his forte in musical comedy as a standup comedian, he is just trying to make the team more secular being the only Muslim guy in this factory! He has a thing for pussies and so he owns two CATS! Or let’s say the cats own him ! ! !


'Nautanki' Deep is a theatre-actor, comedian and all round good guy. If you're lucky you might see him riding around on his Royal Enfield in Vadodara, thinking up the next story from his life that he'll turn into stand up. His stand up is filled with high energy theatrics and he is able to bring life to every character he portrays on stage. He holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources which helps him to contribute his managerial skills in the team’s Production Management. New to the game, Deep is world famous in Gujarat for his hit play, "Listen... We need to talk".


Preeti das is a crazy tamil bengali combination married to a Kutchi Gujarati. Besides being a standup comedian she is a journalist and a mother. She fosters a dream of doing an item number in Tamil movies preferably opposite shimbu. She has been trying to complete her PhD in urban governance for almost a decade now. This whirlwind of insanity deals with ethnicity, sex, politics and a few edgy things that even we blush to write about - in her stand up acts.

Co Founder

Vidya Desai is the Backbone of the Comedy Factory. Being one of the founders & the managing director she has ensured that the brand reaches out to the right niche. She's the reason why comedians in our team has not gone broke. Also seen on Stage and videos a few times... She's still contemplating to take comedy as talent more than business.

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